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eCommerce product photo editing | Practical Guide to Optimize Product Photo

“百闻不如一见” This Chinese speech which is saying a picture is worth a thousand words. So, its obvious image is one of the valuable things in every digital media to make everyone understand the inner meaning. Especially it’s essential eCommerce product photo editing for growing your online e-commerce business.

Nowadays E-commerce is the most popular business form in the world. People can buy anything from their home or office with a few clicks on your computer or Smartphone. E-commerce sector is growing rapidly day by day. The people in this era are more likely looking for comfort.

You just need to visit an e-commerce site and find out your desired products. Moreover, you can see product photos through social media and directly in the e-commerce sites before making a purchased. Almost every day new virtual shops are coming online to buy or sell products through online.

E commerce image optimization service

The most important thing to establish a reputable eCommerce business are high-quality products and presents your products in your website perfectly which includes your e-commerce website design, product photos that people feel interested to buy at the first look and lastly efficient communication.

Not only small business but also a few giant eCommerce sites are doing billion dollar business. Along with eCommerce business, some other businesses are growing rapidly to support e-commerce sectors. Digital Marketing, Photo Editing Service, Virtual Assistance, Web Development sectors are expanding day by day for e-commerce business.

Moreover, E-commerce creating huge remote working sectors thus people can work from home. There two kinds of services are mainly creating regarding product images in the e-commerce business.

  • eCommerce Business Image Optimization Service
  • eCommerce product photo editing Service
  • So what do you think now eCommerce product photo editing ?


eCommerce product photo editing / Optimization Service


eCommerce product optimization Imagine your potential customer just left your website because it’s loading and loading. It sounds familiar with a lot of sites right? Even none like to waste their valuable time surfing in a slower loading site. It doesn’t matter how resourceful your site is or what products you are selling. One of the major reasons behind slower loading sites is image optimization.

Site loading speed quite depends on perfectly image optimization. E-commerce business needs a lot of images of their products uploading in their sites. So if they don’t optimize their images properly then their site loading speed must be decreased.

What is E-commerce Business Image optimization Service/ eCommerce product photo editing ?

Generally, image optimization means a bunch of editing and task doing to make the image web friendly. eCommerce product photo editing/optimization is not very easy for the e-commerce business thus it needs to be perfect for the potential customers and sites.

A bunch of people or company can do this work for you. It is very tedious to optimize hundreds of photos and e-commerce business requires a lot of work to be done. E-commerce business image editing service provider company can help in this regard.


Why E-Commerce Business Image Optimization Service ?

Retouch eCommerce photo editing service provides a lot of benefits. The first and most important thing is image optimization ensure faster website speed. This reduces the chances of losing potential customers. Moreover, faster loading sites are good for search engine. It increases the Google page speed score which helps to rank high in search engine. Image optimizations ensure search engine ranking and more organic visitors. If the site loading faster then, bounce rate must be decreased. Big size data requires huge space that needs lots money to spend on server. Image optimization makes the image size small keeping the image quality constant.

It’s obvious that e-commerce business image optimization helps both the seller and buyer.


E-commerce product photo editing / Optimization Procedure


ecommerce optimization tips

The first thing about image optimization is image formats. Different types of image formats are using for different purposes. JPEG, GIF, PNG, EXIF, BMP, PSD have mostly used image formats. Among all of the image formats, JPEG and PNG are using for web image. JPEG is using for normal images with gradients and millions of color. PNG format is the best choice for transparent background images and for logos.

If you use PNG format for regular million colors image then the image size must be bigger. JPEG format is almost 30% smaller than PNG format.

After choosing the right format for your image it requires resizing the image. Resizing or cropping image save more space as well as remove irrelevant objects. Resizing image doesn’t mean distortion. Before resizing image needs to know about the web template where the photo will be uploaded.

As an example, Amazon requires their images must be 500px by 500px with white background.

In the above, we mentioned the basics of image optimization. Now we talk about the most important task of image optimization process is image compression. Image compression can be defined as reducing the image size as low as possible keeping the image quality high.

A lot of free online tools are doing this but in most cases, the result is zero. You need to learn about photo editing tools or take help from e-commerce business image editing service provider companies to ensure your images are compressing perfectly.

If you are using any RAW image then it needs to remove metadata from that image. Raw image contains unnecessary data like Geo-location, date, camera setting, device name etc. These unnecessary data increase the image size.


E-Commerce Business Image Editing Service

“Image” one of the most precious things to keep memories alive. Moreover, image is one of the important components for e-commerce business.

Anyone can take photos with Smartphone or digital cameras but it doesn’t mean the image is perfect for using for business purposes. Editing image is one of the vital things that have to be makes done for perfection. Image editing service Provider Company can do this for you. They are responsible to make your ordinary image to elegant looks image.

eCommerce product photo editing service is inevitable for every e-commerce business. Who likes to buy seeing a crappy product image? I really don’t like or maybe never buy that product.  E-commerce image editing service providing a bunch of editing service that is suitable for different types of products.  We can define different types of eCommerce image editing service that are mainly providing by image editing service company.


Clipping path service

product photo editing service

Clipping path or deep etch is the process of cut out of an image and remove the outside of the path. Anything that is on the path is visible and the outside of the path omitted. Clipping path is the most important image editing service that 90% e-commerce business is looking for.

Think about the giant e-commerce business like Amazon, eBay. Amazon, eBay strictly banned those images which do not come with a solid white background. That means images need to cut out and remove the background completely and finally place the product on a solid white color background.

A few editing companies are specifically formed to provide clipping path service.


Image Masking Service

Fuzzy or blurred edge like hair cannot be removed perfectly by clipping path. To remove background from an image that is full of hair or fur requires masking than any other options to remove the background perfectly.

A few types of masking services are generally provided by the image editing Service Company. Such as clipping mask, Photoshop mask, image masking, channel masking, alpha masking, layer masking and transparency masking and so on.

Photoshop masking is mainly dealt with the image to remove the background or cut out the image and place it on somewhere else.

Alpha layer masking technique defines that removing background taking the assistance of color layers. Two types are image color we are seeing while we use the image to edit. Red-Green-Blue (RGB) and other one is Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Key Color Black (CMYK)

The main advantage of Alpha layer masking is editor can choose a single color from the image then apply mask. If smoke needs to be mask then alpha layer masking is best choices because smoke isn’t visible naturally.

Transparency masking is quite different than any other masking service. Transparency masking only needs to be done if the subject of the image needs to be placed in a new background. Transparency masking is very popular for eCommerce product photo editing

The main objective of the masking service is perfection. When clipping path is unable to provide the best output then masking service needs to be done.


Image Retouching Service for photographer

You can use sophisticated equipment to capture your photos but it can’t remove the wrinkles, stray hair and finally smoothness of the portraits. The images that you are seeing in the magazine cover or flyer wasn’t captured like that. Professional retouch has done to make that photo amazing.

Image retouching service includes a variety of services like color correction, remove unwanted spot on face and where needed, control distortion and brings beautiful color effects in the image.

Product photo touch-up one of the popular image retouching services nowadays. Who doesn’t like to make their product photo looks elegant when it comes on your Smartphone display or PC monitors. Beautiful product photos increase the rate of selling.

Photo Editing Service Provider

It requires a lot of money to buy professional retouching software and skills. Other than, anyone can take image retouching service from the eCommerce product photo editing Company with a cheap rate.

Professional photo retouching makes your ordinary photos with amazing photos. Portrait images are more likely required professional photo retouching to magnify the beauty of face.

Image manipulation is one kind of retouching service as well as image editing service which changes your images differently. Image manipulation service provides a bunch of editing that includes changing image background, remove any objects or add new objects in your photo.

Image manipulations getting popularity for weddings and events photography. Nowadays a wedding is incomplete without a professional photographer and a professional image editor.


Image Ghost Mannequin Effect Removal and Neck Joint Service


What happens if you need to take your clothing product photos with a model to ensure the shape of the products? It should require more times and money.

Mannequin is one of the cost-effective processes to take product photos and promote. Mannequin is an efficient way to take photos perfectly but it always not pleasant to show the model or mannequin in the photos. This is the main reason e-commerce business needs ghost mannequin service.

The main objectives of ghost mannequin service are to take the photos with model or mannequin and then remove the mannequin or model from the image without losing products in the image.

Image editing service provider company providing perfect ghost mannequin removal and neck joint service which seems efficient than the taking photos with a model.


Image Shadow Creation Service

Image shadow creation service requires to makes your product photos natural. While a photo taken it sometimes looks unusual or artificial. This type of photo needs drops shadow to make it natural and attractive. There are several types of shadow creation service such as drop shadow, reflection shadow, naturals shadow and so on.

Product photos must require shadow creation when the image placed into a solid background. Natural shadow isn’t visible at that time that it needs professional editing of shadow creation.


Image Web Optimization Service

We already have talked about image optimization service and clarified the process of image optimization. However, image web optimization service is close enough as e-commerce business image optimization. Image web optimization ensures the perfection while the image is visible on the website. Image web optimization requires a few things need to be done such as web image format, smaller image size, perfect image size ratio, image meta description, image alt tag and so on.

Anyone new to the e-commerce business or unable to do image web optimization can take help from the image web optimization service provider.



We are living in that generation where there is no place of imperfection. You have to do perfectly of have to face the failure. E-commerce business is the most popular and effective business form nowadays undoubtedly but it’s being more competitive day by day. To ensure the success and consistency of eCommerce product photo editing services and its output photos can play an important role in all the time.


eCommerce product photo editing

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