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Clipping Path House Graphics Media is one of the best Photoshop Photo Editing Service Provider Outsourcing Company in Bangladesh which provides all kinds of Photoshop image editing services with best quality at a competitive lower price within required turnaround time, even though bulk order.


It's our principle. From the beginning to till we have successfully proven required quantitative services to 800+ clients from all around the world. Therefore, we have been able to establish ourselves as an obvious choice to our every client. In the present world, where everyday livelihood expenditure is growing on, there for below explains characteristics we can provide services at low prices all over the world and we hope to do so in future.


CPH Graphics Media - Head Office Team

Expert graphic designers:
Our every in-house graphic designers is honored or masters or certificate diploma certificate holder from the Bangladesh's reputed institute major upon graphics design subject, and our every designer along with quality in charge has got the working experience in well establish graphic houses in Bangladesh, and even though we accomplish any order in a short time, our quality in charge checks the quality in different three steps.

Image Editing Services we provide professionally:

We the team of Clipping Path House Graphics Media one of the Best Image Editing Service Provider Company in Bangladesh at Asia Provide 100% hand drown Photoshop Image editing Services at affordable cheap price. Basically we provide 4 major Photoshop service as a main service.

1. Clipping Path Service: Now a day’s online shopping is very easy & popular. Everybody wants to buy their expected product from home & the seller is very active to deliver their product door to door. For making a good selling target the company always wants to show their product online website by photo shot their product & Image Cut Out from Background. So, every company needs their product cut out. Image Background Removal Service is the first choice for this action. There are lots Clipping Path Company providing "Clipping path service", which is using Photoshop pen tool by hand made clipping. After completing the clipping path you can easily change the image background & place to a color background & web template.

2. Photoshop Image Masking Service: Image Masking Service is another cut out service but it's not making by Photoshop pen tool. Photoshop Image Masking Service applies only on fur, hair, wool image, which is difficult to clip & any chance to miss lots of object or area from the main image. Image Mask Out Service is better than clipping when an image has fur & hair. Once finished the image masking we always need to save the final file with Alpha Layer Masking to Transparent Background. For further work, there will be a chance to change the background, whatever you want.

3. Photography Image Retouching Service: Photography Image Retouching Service is very familiar in image editing field. Everybody wants their product without any dust, scratches etc. It's mostly applied on E commerce business product, Image Manipulation Service & many more. When an images come out from studio, its need to work some additional work like Professional Image Photoshop Retouching Service, which can only provide an image editing company. After remove the dust, scratches & unwanted object from an image it’s looks nice & attractive.

4. Ghost Mannequin removal service and Neck Joint Service: Ghost Mannequin Removal Service and Neck Joint Service applied on garments product like T-shirt, pant, shirt, bra, panty, night dress etc. It's a unique service. It's usually use to show the product with the logo. When the cameraman shot an image in his/her studio by wearing the dress by a model or mannequin, there is not option to show the back part with company name & logo. That's they he/she needs to shot the back part image again. And, the service is requiring here. Ghost Mannequin Removal Technique can remove the doll / model from the main image & composite with the background to make it perfect. You can also call this service by the name of apparel image back part joint service.

Beside those 4 main services we also provide 2 additional services:

a. Photoshop Image Shadow Creation Services: Photoshop Image Shadow Creation Service is an additional service. It’s applied on images to make more natural. Without a shadow a product (Chair, sofa, table, bottle etc.) looks like odd & it’s seems to fly in sky. A natural shadow can make images more natural. There are two options to make the shadow. One is completely making a new one shadow & another is keeping the original shadow without losing the main object. Both shadows can make images looks perfect.

b. Web Image Optimization Service: Web Image Optimization Service basically using for reduce the image size, ratio & resolution. Most of website have an exact template, which need all of images in same size to show same high & wide. The Amazon, eBay, Alibaba & Shopify have an image template with a size like 1200x1200px with 150 dpi. Once clip or masking an image finally need to put a re sizing as follow the guideline. Web image optimization can help to make this service easily & nicely.

Location facility:

Our production house is situated in the Asia Pacific region's one of the developing country Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka. Here expenditure on staying and food and overall livelihood expenditure of a local citizen is comparatively lower than other developing countries.

As a result proportionate to the outer world, we can accomplish the qualitative job by providing standard salary for a graphic designer at low expense.

Office management:We run our every different department as; Hrm, Accounts, Admin, Production, Marketing and monitoring by expert teams. Our every individual staffs get different facilities as:
1. Free treatment
2. Yearly bonus
3. Incentive
4. Holiday facility
5. Daily tiffin allowance
6. Over time
7. Pleasing office space
8. Shift wise duty
Because of above mentioned facilities our every staff spontaneously does their duty.

Technology:In our organization we use graphic industry standard high end hardware and registered version software. Moreover we have the domain hosting made under world recognized, which is well secured. We got high speed internet connectivity, so we can upload and download bulk amount job in a short time.

We provide more facilities to our clients, as;

Save money:
In our organization we believe that, client's satisfaction is our business, keeping in mind that we arranged our service providing procedures in all the way money saving for every client. And below mentioned facilities ultimately made our organization as a money saving organization:
1. Flat rate on bulk order,
2. Competitively low quote,
3. Quick turnaround time,
4. Free trial (3 files)

Best quality:
We refer best quality to client's satisfaction. Therefore our organization has managed all those facilities which mean to best quality compliment from the client side:
1. 50+ in house expert graphic designers,
2. Professional well experienced quality controller,
3. 3-times quality check for every order,
4. Up to date software

Best hospitality:
Keeping in mind clients satisfaction our organization provides those facilities which are clients friendly. As a client you will have:
1. 24/7 support & service,
2. Free quote before order,
3. Monthly payment facility,
4. No payment before satisfaction,
5. Hassle free sample order submission,
6. Treat us as your own production house (for permanent client)

Safe & secured:
From job submission to job delivery, our whole procedure is well secured. Our web site along with data management is well maintained and secured, as a result we can assure our clients no loss or damage or both for a given job. For security purpose we follow following steps:
1. SSL certified email by
2. Safe & Secure Domain and hosting by
3. Dedicated FTP accounts for every client,
4. We never use clients image for personal or business purpose.
From starting to till now we have served 350+ clients from around the globe and now we are serving 80+ clients with ultimate satisfaction. Client's satisfaction is our business and they are satisfied. Why don't you try us?