Image Retouching Service

Clipping Path House Graphics Media offer best Photoshop Professional Image Retouching Service for Photographer at affordable price. Our professional graphic designers always complete their jobs by using the sophisticated technology. Whatever it is vintage photos, old photo, lost pixels, any other apoplexy, damage photos or portrait retouching service; we have professional team and high technology to deliver your image basic retouching to high-end editing on appropriate time.

Online Photoshop Image Retouching Service for Photographer is such a procedure by what one can make an image attractive by removing the unexpected object from the image.

In elaboration it can say that, the moon has its own spot, here spot referring to the black spot on the moon. In the same way, on a shot image there can be absence of required crystalline, brightness, glamour, glassiness and sharpness. Even on product shot there can unexpected wound and spot on the product and the facial skin of the model can be inaccurate by nature. Clipping Path House expert graphic designers are capable of solving the above mentioned problems on any image to make it presentable to the clients as far their requirement. This is the major part of Ecommerce Business Product Image Editing Service of Image manipulation service.

Services under image retouching:

1. High end image retouch: Here Clipping Path House Graphics Media’s designers retouch high resolution images of especially model and also ecommerce product. Do something special work like spot remove, model face and allover skin makeup, lighting and hue adjustment etc.

2. Glamour retouch: Here we do model image overall beauty makeup and even also hair and cloth retouch service.

3. Human body shrink / liquefy service: It's an interesting service. At this service Clipping Path House graphics designers reduce model body’s extra fat part that can look the model more attractive.

4. Jewelry retouching service: This is the most valuable service to Jewelry business owner's. Most of jewelry have some spot, or need to use some glue for accurate photography shooting position and also at the time of shoot jewelry stone reflect the camera lance or any other light. At this service CPH Graphics Media solve / remove / retouch all those defect / deficiency.

5. Unexpected Object from the Image: Normally we get this type of services order for client's personal image's that they took photo at any ceremony but there shoot catch any unexpected subject or person or any disfavor position. This Service also call Image Cut Out Service or Photo Clip Out Service At the service of the section of Photoshop Image Retouching Service our designers remove expertly that unexpected subject or person that seams processed image is the real one. For our customer demand we also provide remove wrinkles from forehead service, remove object, Hair Masking Service.

Why Image Retouching Service is the most require service of Photoshop Image Editing Section:

Now a day's online marketing is a big place to buy & sell for everybody. It’s easy to use & save time which is very helpful. If anybody wants to buy anything from online he/she need to visit the appropriate website & product to review for see the quality, quantity, manufacturer company etc.

For better sell & marketing, a company needs a good & attractive website, which needs to be user friendly & smooth. Also the product images need to very clean & sharp. A nice & clean photo can be making a website very attractive & beautiful & for make a beautiful photo it’s need to process by Adobe Photoshop by Photoshop expert’s hand. When a photographer shoots a product in his/her studio sometimes the light, environment didn’t work & support properly & the product looks not right after shoot. Then, the photographer or the website owner needs the product images editing. And, sometimes the camera reflection makes the product images look terrible.

And also when you going to do the Ghost Mannequin Removal Service and Image Neck Joint Service need high end creative retouch service to adjust the front part apparel with back part apparel print design or cloth check design.

A Photoshop experts makes an images look more beautiful & perfect for website, magazine, newspapers etc. Some of Photoshop tools like clone tool & patch tool can remove any dust, spot, scratches & remove unexpected pimples from an image & some brighten & contrast makes an image ideal.

There is some more alternative way to make an image perfect. But Photoshop is the one of best software for an image editing. A good & experienced image editing company can make a good image retouching work & give you Image Editing Service.

Why we are the best Image Retouching Service Provider Company in Bangladesh?

We as a Image Editing Service Provider Company always provide realistic perfect Photoshop graphics design work. Clipping Path House Graphics Media always use paid version top rated Photoshop retouching plugin for high end glamour retouch service. We do the as your required Photoshop image retouching service on raw format file to make the image attractive a lower price. Our in-house graphic designer is good at professional photography retouching services, so at the shortest possible time we can deliver the bulk amount of Photoshop image retouching service.

Our starting rate of Photoshop image retouching service is $0.30 cents.

Adobe Photoshop is very popular software in image editing work & image retouching is another essential work for image editing service. Image retouching service uses for those images, which has pimples, scratches, dust etc. Today we’re trying to show you how to make image retouching service (Photoshop Retouch). There are lots of way to retouch an image by adobe Photoshop like, clone stamp tool retouch, patch tool retouch, healing brash tool, spot healing brash tool etc.

How to process Photoshop Image Retouching Service

First of all, you need to open an image in Photoshop via drag & drop or file>open. You can also open by short cut key (Ctrl+0).


Once you click the open you can see below window for open the file in Photoshop. You can also open this by Drag & drop option from your Computer.


After open file in Photoshop you need to make a layer copy from the original background by clicking short cut key (Ctrl + J). We always need to keep the original background for further work & most of time client’s wants to see the different between image retouching layer & original layer image. You can easily make a duplicate layer by click the short cut key (Ctrl + J). Remember that, you need always work on duplicate layer.


After make the duplicate layer, you need to select the stamp clone tool from the Photoshop left side of your tool bar. There you can see 2 retouching tools from the panel but, you need to select only one which is on top. The stamp tool is very easy to make a retouch an image. See this window for better understand.


And after selecting this Clone tool you need to configure some of area. You need to fix the “Opacity” 100% (you will see 100% opacity is the default settings) to 40%-50% as depends on your dust & pimples situation. Sometimes, its works fine by the opacity of 25% & sometimes its need to apply 40% - 50%. You need to click on “Alt” & take the expected color/image area & put on damage/effected area.


Once you click with “Alt” key by on expected area now, you just click normally on your mouse on your dust/pimple/scratches area, you can see the result as like this this image. For making an image dust free & scratches free, you need to apply lots of time sometimes thousands of times need to apply on effected area. All of pimples, dust, scratches need to remove very smoothly & carefully.


Sometimes, you can apply rest of tools patch tool retouch, healing brash tool, spot healing brash tool etc. Rest tools are also same way to apply. This is very important that, you are working on an image very carefully & smoothly. Extra work can make an image more perfect & beautiful.

We also use some paid version plug in for retouching work for making the skin/jewelry image smoother. But, the main work is done by retouching tools.


Some of tools are using for mainly on Teeth. We normally using Dodge tool for sharping & whiting teeth. Here you can we have tried to make the model teeth more white & sharp. You can make a clipping on teeth part & make a layer from the original background & work on this teeth.


After completing the retouching work you can also changes some brightness & contrast for making this image more perfect. You may directly change the brightness by clicking on “Ctrl+M” (curves) & in center row put up for more light & down for more darkness. See this attachment.


When you want to save this image after done all retouching work, there is lots of option to save your retouching file. Some of clients require PSD with retouching & original layer file, some of are asking for TIF with retouching layer image & some of are asking both retouching & color correction with PSD/TIF file format.

You can get an idea from this screen shot. The client’s always require layer/PSD/TIF files for further work. They have also some work to do on their images. Sometimes, they need to change some of area.


Hope, this tutorial will help you to make good job. Thanks for watching.