Ghost Mannequin Removal Service

Under image manipulation service Ghost Mannequin Removal Service and Photoshop Image Neck joint service such a process of what from a product image product is being cut out from dummy or mannequin to stretch in a way as if it were the only image of the particular product.

In elaboration it can say that, to understand the size of the garment product, front and back photo shot of clothe dummy or mannequin is being done, and after that for web marketing presentation from the image of that product dummy or mannequin is being cut out and stretching front and back is being done with delicacy. These whole processes is known as image mannequin removal / image neck join / back part join etc.. Our in house expert graphic designers do the image mannequin removal service and the neck join service with expertise and asked on time.

Mannequin removal service is such a creative service of Photoshop Image Editing Service what is being mostly used now days for web marketing. Service takers of this service are; buying house, manufacturer of garments product and online shop, and great news for the above mentioned business owners, we do the Ghost mannequin removal service, Neck Joint Service with expertise and during the stretching job procedures we always keep active eyes on color match, size match, design match like etc. details as a result the image becomes attractive and realistic after the whole procedures.

Why to Choose Our Neck Joint Mannequin Services ?

Ghost Mannequin Removal Service or Image Neck Joint Service is our most regular work that we provide. We serve neck joint or mannequin removal services with professional designers who are experienced for several years. We take your jobs with high priority despite of your order size and service all our orders using our professional designers to get the best output using the best editing technology available. Our cloth image editing service experts always keep their eyes carefully on natural shadow, colors with wear & tear match; size and design match etc to make the image more attractive and realistic after the total process is done. We determine about the flow of designs and shape of necks then output the final image according to the normal dimensions that were supposed to be.

We offer Ghost Mannequin Removal service which effectively shows clothing without any bulge, knob, flaws or part of the model or mannequin. Our Professional Photography Image Retouching Service, Clipping Path Service ensure that only your product is exhibited to its full enhancement potential to grab and maintain customer attention only for that reason Clipping Path House Graphics Media is the Best Image Editing Service Provider Company in Banglades.

To make the image publication enable we do the web optimization service.

Our Ghost Mannequin removal service starting rate is $0.40 cents.

Process technique of Photoshop Image Ghost Mannequin Removal Service & Neck Joint Service

Adobe Photoshop is very popular software in image editing work & Ghost mannequin removal service is another essential work for image editing service. Ghost mannequin removal service & Neck joint service is very popular service in Garments sector. Every E-commerce shop & online shop wants to show their product attractive. But, sometimes they can't show their product nicely because of some of reason.

Today we are trying to show you how to make Ghost mannequin removal & Neck joint service. First of all, you need to open an image in Photoshop via drag & drop or file>open. You can also open by short cut key (Ctrl+0).


Once you click the open you can see below window for open the file in Photoshop. You can also open this by Drag & Drop option from your Computer.


When a photographer shot a garments item with mannequin/doll/model, there were not any option to show the back part with their company logo / TAG, because of the model/doll/mannequin place in front side & the company logo stay behind the mannequin/doll/model. For this reason, Ghost mannequin removal/Neck joint service is very essential service in this sector. Once you see this attachment image, you can get an idea about the problem.

That's why the photographer shot the garment item twice time, one with only main product with front view & second time the back part with the product name/logo.


How we can solve this problem ? We can easily solve this problem by using Adobe Photoshop. After open file in Photoshop you need to make a Clipping on main product for cut out from this mannequin. Without clipping, you can't cut main product from the doll/mannequin. For smooth edge & best quality we need to clip & cut first.


Once finished the cut out we need to make a main product layer from the original image. For make this layer you need to click on (Ctrl+J) before make a layer we need to put a feather for make a smooth edge. You can put (0.5) feather by clicking (Ctrl+Alt+D). Maximum time the clients ask for 0.5% feather for smooth edge on image.


Now, the front part is ready for combine. It's time to make the back part/help image ready. We have to open the help image by same way & clip as we did on front part image & make the layer by putting the feather of 0.5. Once you put the help image on front image layer you need to make sure the back part in place behind the main / front part image. Otherwise you can't make the composite.


After make this help image layer we need to put this in front part image by clicking (Altr+Shift) & click on image layer & move to front image.


Now, it's time to fix & accurate the composite with back part & front part. Once you put the back part image you need to move & place in appropriate place. You can move the image by clicking on short cut key "V" key & the image automatically select by move tool.


After complete the moving you need to fix the size, logo position, shadow etc. You can fix everything by clicking the "Warp" tool. After fix the position just click on Enter button on your keyboard.


After making all correction we need to put some shadow on help part image for making this more natural. The shadow can make this image look more natural. We put some shadow on help image for make it more nice. Here you can see the brush tool & you can put the opacity 10%-20% when you will apply the shadow.


After completing everything we need to save the images. Some of clients require PSD with original layer file, some of are asking for TIF layer image & some of are asking both file format.


You can get an idea from this screen shot. The client's always require layer/PSD/TIF files for further work. They have also some work to do on their images. Sometimes, they need to change some of area.


Final Processed View Before - After

Hope, this tutorial will help you to make good job. Thanks for watching.