Clipping Path Service

At the department of Image Editing Service Clipping Path is the basic service of adobe Photoshop which applies for cut out the subject from the image's background. Clipping path house help you as a Clipping Path Service Provider Company for Image Background Removal Services to give image a fully professional look.

What is clipping Path?

At the section of graphics design image editing service, Photoshop clipping paths is the main starting action of any main Photoshop work. Not only image background removal purpose but also any kind of Photoshop service clipping path service is one of the important methods for applies like Image Masking Service or Ghost Mannequin Service even also before for Photoshop Image Retouching Service for Photographer. This is also called Image Cut Out Service which do by Photoshop pen tool. This whole procedure is done by pen tool of Photoshop. Some online free auto software even few tools of Photoshop can remove background from image but, the delicate image cut out be done. Our in-house professional graphic designers do the Photoshop image clipping path service job by 100% hand drawing with the pen tool in Photoshop to accomplish the job with accuracy.

According to clients' demand we deliver the output in different format and with different layers as:
1. Clipping Path with White Background (Cpwb),
2. Clipping Path with Transparent Background (Cptb),
3. Clipping Path Transparent Background with extra any colored layers.
4. Vector Path Done by Photoshop Pen Tools
5. Multiple Paths for Color Correction
6. Provide Custom Image as Background


1. Simple clipping path service: We classify this section based on easy images which one needs to clip out not more than 3 to 5 minutes for an expert designer. Example: ball, mug.

2. Medium clipping path service: We classify this section based on little complex images which one needs to clip out not more than 8 to 10 minutes for an expert designer. Example: furniture, sunglass.

3. Complex clipping path service: This image's subject is always has extra carved aria or lots of inside or has too much branch that needs minimum 30 to 60 minutes to clip out. Example: net-cage, jewelry multi clipping path, color path service.

4. Supper complex clipping path service: This is the highest complex section of image background removal. Our expert designer takes to do 2 to 4 hours for 1 image clip out from the background. Example: Christmas tree, bicycle, stone-necklace multipath.

Clipping Path Service is the basic image editing procedure in Photosho. In Image Editing Service there are such a few services what start with the clipping path, therefore those services are believed as under clipping path service, as; in multi-color path / color path service / image colorization service.

we both a product then according to clients' requirement we transform the product into different colors, besides we path different parts of a product and we replace the color of different parts with different colors as far client's requirement.

Why to choose CPH Graphics Media as Photoshop clipping path service provider Company?

Photoshop Clipping Path Service procedure is done by pen tool of Photoshop. Some online free auto software even few tools of Photoshop can remove background from image but, the delicate image cut out be done. Our in-house professional graphic designers do the Photoshop image clipping path service job by 100% hand drawing with the pen tool in Photoshop to accomplish the job with accuracy.

As a Clipping Path Service Company are capable of doing any Photoshop graphic editing service on any form images as; jpg, jpeg, tiff, psd, png etc. Great news for professional photographers; we accept cr2 raw format file and according to demand we do the image editing job and deliver the output as demanded format.

Why we are the best Clipping path services provider in Bangladesh?

As a leading Image Editing Company Clients satisfaction, keeping in mind our in-house professional graphic designers with their experience and excellence accomplish the quality maintained every online image editor service, and our experienced quality controller check the quality in different three steps. So that from last 6 years we are become best Clipping Path Services Company in Bangladesh And after all of that our starting rate of Photoshop Image Clipping Path Service is $0.25 cents.

How to do Photoshop Clipping Path Services

Photoshop is very popular software in image editing field & the most necessary tools is Photoshop is Pen tool. Photoshop pen tool use for make a clipping on an image to cut out the subject from the background. Most of time the image need to put on pure white background for website, e-Bay, Amazon etc. But sometimes need an image on transparent background. Transparent background can change the color background whatever you want.

Today we are trying to show you how to make a path (Photoshop clipping path). First of all, you need to open an image in Photoshop via drag & drop or file>open. You can also open by short cut key (Ctrl+0).


Once you click the open you can see below window for open the file in Photoshop. You can also open this by Drag & drop option from your Computer.


After open file in Photoshop you can see the tools in right side & make a path for selecting the edge. If you select a path than this will be save for further. And, for save you normally click (Ctrl+S). While you will make the path then in running time, you need to save the path. Otherwise your path will be lost.

See this window for better understanding.


Some of machine requires Clipping in path. That's means some of machine are setup with clipping & without clipping the machine didn't accept the images for process / print / published. You can make the clipping just click on your mouse in right side button of your mouse. See the screen shot for clipping option.


Now, it's time to make the path on image. It's very important to make the path very sharp & clean. There some unnecessary object in any image, which you need to avoid to clip. Just follow the pixel of the image & make the path like this below screen shot.


Every pixel is very important in an image. You can't cut more & you can't keep the background. Every image need to clip very carefully. When you clip an image, you need to see the image lots of time very by zoom in & zoom out.


Remember that, lots of anchor point will be harmful of your images, while you clip. Always try to avoid more anchor point & try to make fewer anchors on path.

Once you finished the path, you need to selection the path by (Ctrl+Enter) button on your keyboard. After click this, you can see the path with selection. This selection means, you can cut/copy this area of this image & put anywhere, whatever you want. See this screen shot.



After selection this path, you need to put some feather on this edge for make the edge smooth. The smooth edge looks better on any color of background. You can put the feathers form option (Select>modify>Father) the Short cut key is for feather (Alt+Ctrl+D).


The feather amount should be (0.5). This amount will make the edge sharp & smooth. If the amount will more than 0.5, the edge will be blurry, which will not look right.


After put this feather you need to click on Enter button. Now, you have to make a layer from original image. Make an object layer after click on short cut key (Ctrl+J).


This main layer going to put on any color of background. And, you can also save with transparent background with PNG/PSD/TIF file format. If you will need to change the background color in future, you can change easily from this transparent background. Or, if you want to put a pure white background, you can make another layer by clicking Ctrl+J.


Now, you can change the background from original background. See the tool bar in left side & there you can see the foreground & background color (Black & white) default color.


Select the color & click on (Alt + Delete). After click this, you can see the background change to white.


If you want to keep this with transparent background, you need to save this PNG / PSD / TIF file format with layers. In future, you can change the background color if you need.


Final file can be place on different type of background & file format. The most easy & faster way is JPEG file format. Here is the final output file.


Final Result