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Wedding Photography Beginner Tips | Free Photography Guide

With the arrival of spring also comes the wedding season, and is that April is the month that kicks off the “high season” in which many couples decide to get married. If you have a relative or friend who is going to get married, surely you also want to take the camera and capture the magic of that unforgettable day; and even if it’s you who is getting married maybe you’re looking for ideas for that special day. Would you like to get some unforgettable wedding photos? Then follow this wedding photography beginner tips article.

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Wedding photography is one of the most difficult exercises in portrait photography. Technical mastery, perfect knowledge of the material and above all a great capacity for adaptation will be necessary. The wedding photographer does not have the right to make mistakes, especially during one of the key moments of the day: the official couple shooting of the bride and groom. To be effective, you will have to prepare your shooting. If possible locate the places, define the style of the clients desired by the newlyweds and especially master some simple poses to achieve that can be adapted to all couples.

You are a photographer. Got a wedding photography project. The wedding day has come, the day of saying “yes, I want”, and you know that the photographs will be one of your best wedding photographs. It was finished saying: “The photos are ideal, but it is that I go out fatal”. Enough! If you pay attention to the small details and keep reading this post about the mistakes that brides make in wedding photos, you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

It is true that, during your photo shoot, you and your partner will be on your nerves. That is uncontrollable. There are many emotions and moments that are experienced in a wedding. But knowing this basic Idea for Wedding photography will help you more than you think. Be attentive and have a tour over this post! If you are looking for original ideas that you can carry out during your wedding reception, then you cannot miss the following suggestions.


Basic Idea & Wedding photography tips for beginners:

This is a collection of wedding photography beginner tips, techniques and essential tricks for wedding photographs – from casual photographs to a more classic approach. If you are beginners to wedding photography this is the place to start. Whether you’re looking to gain some experience like the photographer on the big day, or just to get some directions to improve your portraits in general, here’s a lot you can learn of wedding photography beginner tips.

wedding photography beginner tips


1. Use a wide opening

Using the widest aperture your lens allows (for a limited depth of field) can create a very attractive effect for wedding photos by keeping your target focused while making the background look blurry – but you have to make sure to focus with precision.

2. Try the slow sync flash

When using flash, try to reduce the shutter speed as much as possible – say from 1/15 to 1/25 per second – to take full advantage of the ambient lighting. Try panning with moving targets while you turn on the flash to freeze the target image and make a distant background blurry.

3. Put the bride to pose

This is one of the most important tips of wedding photography beginner tips that to get flattering images of the bride, make sure you do not have your arms folded (it is best to bend them slightly, but not straight) while holding the bouquet. If possible, ask him to hold an “S” with his body, similar to how the models pose. Check women’s magazines to see how the models pose to have an idea.

4. Search the lines

Try to make the most of strong architectural lines, such as pillars, as backgrounds for your wedding photographs. Remember if you have an adequate background, what you see in front will serve to create the perfect composition. Check the place in advance to see what architectural elements could work best.

5. Use light patterns with creativity

If there is an interesting light pattern outside the church or the civil registry office, you can take advantage of it to add impact and drama to your images. However, keep in mind that such patterns can come and go as the day goes by, so you may have to work quickly to catch them.

6. Put the couple in a box

When taking pictures of the bride and groom in their wedding car, try to be creative by using the windows to set the frame, or you can still get into the car if they have no problem with that.

7. Tilt the camera

tile the camera

The tilt of the camera adds a sense of movement to an image. You do not always have to keep the camera in landscape or portrait format, take risks and align the composition lines in diagonals in the image to create impact. As with all techniques do not overdo it – with one or two images is enough.

8. Find the shadow

If you are photographing a wedding on a very sunny day, try to move the couple or group towards the shade to get a better exposure, or use fill, or forced flash to balance the scene. You’ll find the fill-flash option when scanning through the camera’s flash modes.

9. Make it slightly fuzzy

Try experimenting with photos of the first dance using a very slow shutter speed to give your images a sense of movement. Use a combination of flash and a slow shutter speed to freeze the couple’s movement even while you’re capturing the mood and movement. You may need to increase the ISO sensitivity of the camera – although the noise will become more obvious in darker indoor conditions.

10. Use a bracket for the flash

Add a flash trigger to a flash bracket to raise the flash a few inches above the lens, thus removing shadows from the lens. The best support works on a hinged mechanism and allows you to move the flash for photos of portraits or landscape formats as required.


Before starting make these things gonna be okay:

This is most impotent at this article of wedding photography beginner tips that Most professionals use two cameras so that, in the unlikely event that the main camera fails, they can continue working with the second. Sometimes, due to budget issues, the second camera is more normal. So you know, if you can, use two cameras.

Whether you are going to use flashes or not, remember to have all the batteries ready (those of the flashes and those of the camera). Always all prepared and with batteries or reserve batteries.

Take a bag or backpack that is comfortable, that will allow you to have your equipment at hand and with the security of having everything you need to change quickly.

Use fast and bright objectives. You will greatly appreciate it when editing.

Make sure you control the ISO and the proper shutter speed so you do not have “moved photos”.

Check the settings before you start. It is very common to start shooting and see that we have the adjustments of the previous day (and that they do not correspond).

Shoot, of course, in RAW: it is mandatory. You will have to later edit the pictures with an editor such as Light room, but you can always do much better if you shoot in RAW, especially when making corrections.

Finally, review. Review everything three times. Do not leave anything in the studio or at home: when you get to the wedding, there will be no turning back.

In conclusion

wedding photography beginner tips written for and here try to explain in details that Wedding photography can be extremely fun if we are willing to enjoy the experience and if we plan everything well before the big day. Note that in this tutorial for Wedding photography tips for beginners, much emphasis has been placed on preparation and planning, because that is where the basis of our success as photographers lies. Keep in mind that speed will be your best ally in this type of photo shoots, so you should practice at home also once you are involved in this type of project.


Wedding Photography Beginner Tips

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