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Clipping Path House Graphics Media is an online outsourcing photo editing service company provide 100% handmade Photoshop image clipping path service, phothshop masking service, photoshop retouching service, photoshop ghost mannequin effects editing service, neck join service and also all kinds of professional image editing service specializing in ecommerce business editing and product photography optimization services with best quality at convenient price.

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Photoshop Image Editing Services We Provide Professionally

  • Image Background Removal Service
  • Jewelry Multi Color Clipping Path
  • High End Glamour Retouching
  • Ghost Mannequin Removal - Neck Joint
  • Image Masking Service
  • Image Shadow Creation

100% Perfect Quality using Photoshop Pen Tool by Hand made Image Background Removal – Clipping Path Service - Starting Price only from $0.25 cents …!!!


Cph Graphics Have a Special In-House Jewelry Multi Clipping Path Service Provider Expert Team. We Never Ever Use Client's Image for Business Purpose.


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We Provide This Services for 20+ Companies at Globally, Like Rebel-Clothing.De
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World Class Best Alpha / Chanel / Erase / Layer Masking Services Starting Price
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We Provide Best - Perfect - Realistic Image Shadow Creation Service For this additional serviceonly $0.10 Cents will be added with main service's price


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Our services


Clipping path
Clipping Path Services is such an effective method in what image cut out to separate one or more subjects from an image is done by Photoshop to replace on the new background. As today's preferred Photoshop best Clipping Path Service Provider Company in Asia. Clipping Path House offer 100% high quality Image Background Removal Services, all kinds of clipping path service and Photoshop multi clipping path for color correction which done by our expert graphic designers to use pen tool in Photoshop. Remember the only way to keep product appropriateness is totally hand-draw. We invite you to check our image clipping path service quality at low price with 24 hours live online support and service.

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Image Masking
Clipping path with subtlety on every kind of image is not possible like fuzzy looking hair or fur area. To that extent to properly remove the background of that kind of fuzzy edged, blurry image, Clipping Path House uses the Photoshop image masking service. We ensure and provide 100% high quality full Photoshop Image Layer Masking, clipping mask and alpha channel masking also. As a non-destructive process service we always perform manually with our expert Designer. At this section for better result depends on image subject and background color we also do erase masking and knock out masking service. To get expected output with our upgrade technique checks our quality and price first submit free trail.

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Image Retouching
Perfect photography is never possible without expensive shooting lance. But even you need professional and perfect image with the worst photo and lighting. Clipping path house as Image Retouching Service Company, today committed to provide Professional Photo Retouching Service for Photographer by what one can make an image attractive by removing the unexpected object from the image. On product shot there can unexpected wound and spot. Our service include ecommerce product photo retouching service, photo touch up, high end glamour retouch, human body shrink / liquefy, jewelry retouching and high quality image compositing of digital image. This all are the section of image manipulation.

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Ghost Mannequin
Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Removal Service Effect and Photoshop Nick Joint Service is importance term for the owner of apparel garment industry, magazine and photographer and as a biggest growing sector of e-commerce industry. Ghost Mannequin Service and Neck Joint Service such a process of what from a product image product is being cut out from dummy or mannequin to stretch in a way as if it were the only image of the particular product. Clipping path house's expert graphic designer's aim at beautifying your fashion mannequin image naturally by color match, size match and design match. We also know ghost mannequin removal service as Photo Manipulation Service.

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Shadow Creation
Graphic Industry has turn into a revolution in the designing industry in a great range in the past recent year, Photoshop Image Shadow Creation is big part of this. For product marketing on online or magazine to bring reality like view in an image Photoshop Shadow Creation Service is being used. By using Photoshop shadow creation the image can be more attractive to its clients. Anyone who would enjoy seeing a reflection shadow, natural shadow, drop shadow or product shadow on their item would be interested in this service and we insure you to give our full dedication for a satisfied and quality experience. Clipping Path House provides world best natural shadow creation service as an additional.

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Web Optimization
In the digital library of e-commerce site need web optimization that especially fond of e-commerce image optimization becomes 50 percent faster and heavy image is familiar at the same time big alarming for slower.

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Image Restoration
Basically, Image Restoration involves transforming or altering a photograph using various methods and techniques that mean Image Manipulation Service to achieve desired results after photo shoot and a little image restoration and manipulating can ensure exposure

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Raster to vector
Our professional graphic designers are able to create Vector Artwork Conversion Service and image pop art that combination of dots of color & image made up by pixels. As a result per inch altogether the whole image is called Raster to Vector Conversion Service.

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Logo Design
We have thousands icons those created business design card as logo design by our expert logo designers use techniques in the shortest time. Logo Design helps you by satisfy in saving your time and money to Branding Design but not hard to experiment

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Web Development
Online Web development and UI Design Service is a popular web design service in our digital laboratory. Our expert web development team can store web framework to convenience whatever our client wishes though it can be difficult to develop.

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Clipping Path Service

Starting at $0.25 USD/image


Ghost Mannequin effect

Starting at $0.40 USD/image


Shadow Creation Service

Starting at $0.20 USD/image

What Our Clients Really Say

Some of Our Real Clients

Photo Editing Service

Sometimes most expensive gears are not enough to make a photo perfect. Photo editing service makes sure the final process to bring out an amazing photo. There was a time when photo just meant to be keep memories alive. People were not enough concern about the quality of photos because of ancient technology. Everything is changed now but the tendency of taken photos for personal and business purpose have created huge demand. Advance technology give people more access to keep the photos more alive. Therefore, people nowadays are looking for edited photos to make to more vivid and colorful. There are lots of free tools to edit photos but the there is no doubt Photoshop is the best tools to make a photo perfect. Only an expert photo editor knows how to use Photoshop to edit image and make it perfect. Clipping Path House Graphics Media is one of the leading photo editing Service Company who are providing best Photoshop image editing service. We have a group of expert photo editor who are talented, creative and efficient to convert an ordinary photo into tremendous one. We have done thousands of photo editing projects for eCommerce business and personal use in worldwide. We are providing 24/7 response time as well as perfection in our service.

What is clipping path? service

Clipping Path is a technique of Photoshop photo editing in which a photo background can be removed or changed keeping the subject exactly the same. Clipping Path requires more efficiency to ensure the subject edge smooth and perfect. E-commerce products mainly require clipping path to remove the background of the product photos. Moreover, clipping path is the best option to eliminate background from photos and the subject can be place in any background without losing any part of the path area. Top eCommerce marketplace don't allow normal background of a product photo thus seller need to remove the background and make it solid color. Nowadays a lot of photo editing companies are providing clipping path service as well as several clipping path company are working on only clipping path editing. Clipping Path House Graphics Media is one of the leading clipping path service providers who are providing best clipping path with guaranteed satisfaction of their clients.

What is Photoshop Masking?

Photo masking is the process in which some pixel intensity is zero and others pixel non-zero. Photoshop is one of the most popular and advanced photo editing tools where image masking is a process to keep a portion of image hidden and show other portion of image perfectly. Photoshop image masking is one of the most advanced editing services. Professional Photoshop editor are providing image masking service as well as called image alpha layer service. In alpha layer masking Photoshop layer uses three colors Black, White and Gray. Portrait hair shots or huge complexity in subjects requires Photoshop image maskout to remove or change the background. Clipping Path House Graphics Media Solutions have a bunch of expert photo editor who are always bring out the best in Photoshop masking.

What is Image Retouching Service?

In the age of modern technology people always want to capture their moments perfectly. Expensive gadgets are not enough to make a photo best all the time. It requires lots of editing like color correction, shape correction, toning, brightening which is called together image retouching. Image retouching service are mainly for photographer who are capturing photos frequently and don't have enough time to retouch photos by their own. In some cases photographers are not able to do high end glamour retouch because it needs much skill. There is plenty of image retouching service Provider Company available over the world that are providing image retouch service. Clipping Path House Graphics Media is one of the leading images editing service provider who are providing best, efficient, fast and cheap photo retouching service. They have vast experience in editing event photos, product photos, real estate photos and so on.

What is Ghost mannequin Removal Affect Service?

E-commerce got expands in the beginning with clothing items. Clothing products are more likely sell through online shop. It is more important to produce high quality photos of clothing product that looks vivid and more colorful. When clothing photos have taken every photographer must use a model or mannequin to get perfect fit photos of clothes. Ghost mannequin affect is a term of photo editing service where photo editor remove the model or mannequin from the photos keeping the cloth items exactly same. Ghost mannequin service requires more editing to add the missing part of the cloth when model or mannequin removed. It included Photoshop neck joint service whether clothing photo need to add neck in the photos if it is missing. A lot of photo editing service provider are providing ghost mannequin removal affect service alongside product photo editing. The photos must omit the model or mannequin thus there is only product this is why it calls invisible ghost mannequin. Clipping Path House Graphics Media is providing ghost mannequin removal service with the guarantee of high qualities of editing. We have best Photoshop editor who have enough skills to remove the model or mannequin from any photos and boost the color of products.

Why Need Shadow creation Service?

Is there anyone who likes fake/artificial photos? Mostly, NO! When e-commerce product photo edited and placed into a solid background it looks too artificial. To keep the originality of photos shadows have been create in the photos. Photoshop tools mainly using to create shadows for any photos. People like to see natural photos more than fake/artificial photos. This is very important to place the shadow in any photos perfectly and where it is more suitable. Photo editing service companies are providing Photoshop image shadow creation service for e-commerce business and other purposes. Clipping Path House Graphics Media also providing shadow creation service in cheapest rate than ever!

Why Need Image Web Optimization Service?

Nowadays most of the photos are using for web platform whatever it is personal or business purposes. E-commerce website requires a specific size of images and photo format should be the same as mentioned in the website. Highly optimized photos are always more engaged that non optimized photos. Photoshop image resize tool is a perfect option to size an image proportionally. However, after resizing the image save for web that the quality of image constant but the storage size of image not too high to load slowly. Image web optimization service is mandatory for e-commerce product photos. Perfect image web optimization ensures the high growth of business and interactions. Moreover, search engine always keep the images in their first page of search results which image are perfectly web optimized. Clipping Path House Graphics Media provides the best web optimization service according to search engine requirements that drives more potential customer.

How Photoshop Photo Editing Service Outsource help you to more profitable Business?

Things getting change. E-commerce platform is the most popular shopping method nowadays. Millions of e-commerce shops already run in the web. Consumers are looking for the best product in the most reliable way. The first impression of taking decision to buy a product through online is quality of product photo. Despite the buyer cannot see or touch the product physically thus buyer wants to see perfect photo of that product. Online businesses are expanding rapidly so it is quite impossible to handle everything by the seller. Seller need to hire a photographer and editor to make the photo looks best. Photo editing service outsource mitigate the cost of transport and it requires less time to make the task done. Even commercial photography costs too much and sometimes it requires huge time to get available photographer. Every online business owner always looks for cheap and efficient photo editing service which is only possible by outsourcing photo editing service. Clipping Path House Graphics Media is the best photo editing service provider who are providing all types of photo editing service for commercial and personal photography. Leave your need to us and we will made things done in the cheapest cost ever. We take care of your business and it will help you to grow more profitable business.

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