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To some one Photography Passion Profession to other one, Whatever it is, The main fact need to some basic idea, about total photography.

Photography Passion Profession – A definitive guide of photography:

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what are the genres and types of photography ?

Where to start photography ?

Working sector for a photographer

Camera for beginners

How to be a good photographer in six steps


So lets start to in details Photography Passion Profession –

Photography Passion Profession: Photography is among the modern arts, which, like painting, sculpture or music, pretend to be a form of expression by the artist to express feelings, feelings, and thoughts. Photography essentially is made up of method of capturing a unique and unrepeatable moment in time. The word comes from the Greek photo = light/traffic = paint or draw is that photography is painting with light. However, almost all of us have taken a photograph, either with a disposable camera, a semi-professional or even with a cell phone! Photography is 80% inspiration, 10% technique, 5% patients and 5% luck. Finally, photography is a form of expression, which we constantly see in our days. Books, magazines, newspapers, advertising, cinema, try to show us their ideas, concepts or products. It can be as cruel and real as the image of a child from Ethiopia, or the war in Iraq, tender as a sunset, a flower, or a baby or glamorous as is usually the images used to sell us a product.


what are the genres and types of photography ?


The photograph allows for infinite areas to be worked, the photographer can choose to specialize in only one or several types of photography. Although there are many types of photography, such as photojournalism, fashion, advertising photography, sports photography among others, specializing in the most practiced of the market contributes to make you a prominent photographer among the competition. It is important for you to understand each niche and find out how to stand out in each of them.


Picture of the portrait:

First of all, it is worth emphasizing that portraiture and photography are distinct things because the portrait genre is one of the types of photography.

Pictures are considered to portray a featured face, so a portrait must have at least one person. Therefore, not necessarily the picture needs to be like a 3 × 4 photo, containing only one face.
A photograph of a scene that has a person with a visible face can already be considered a portrait.


Photo Journalism:

Photographs of photojournalism imply photos taken with the main purpose of transmitting information. When we read a newspaper, a magazine, or any material that is meant to be informative, the photos that stamp this content are the types of photojournalism photography. Many agencies require expertise in this type of photography by hiring professionals to create images for informative content.

A very important point about photojournalism is that the difference of this type of photography in relation to the others is at the moment in which the photos are taken. That is, there is no preparation before the photo since they need to be taken immediately at the time of the news, for example.


Advertising photography:

Advertising photography requires preparation before the photos, so it is normal that they are planned before production. This type of photo requires a time dedicated to the identification of the person who will be the target of the campaign.



In addition, it is necessary to analyze which are the media and communication channels that will support the advertising campaign.


Fashion photography:

Fashion photography consists of photographic essays that are intended to promote a new collection of clothing or a specific fashion brand.

Who is a photographer and interested in fashion, already has halfway to make a success with this type of photography?


Macro photography:

These kinds of photography are amazing! They enable a differentiated view of small things that often go unnoticed in our eyes.

Photography Passion Profession

This type of photo consists of recording small items, with the purpose of showing and highlighting the details of these items, which are not so noticeable to the naked eye.


Documentary photography:

Documentary photography is very specific. She is investigative and requires a careful and committed look at the details of the photo, which will need to tell the story that the photographic record intends to bring.

The type of documentary photography is usually poetic and delicate. You may have already seen a photo that caused you emotion and brought you to the mind, all the possibilities of what would be occurring with the person or at the time the photo was taken.


Sports photography:

Those who expect to feel a lot of excitement, adrenaline, and expectation, can find all this in sports photos.

Photography Passion Profession

These photos offer the public the demonstration of crucial and important moments in sports, displaying details that often go unnoticed in the eyes that accompany the match, live.

Where to start photography ?

You know that you like photography and for some time you have been looking for a way to learn to take better pictures. From time to time you read articles in specialized blogs, but you do not understand everything they say, because you lack some basic concepts. And you really do not know where to start … Does it happen to you too? If so, know that you are not alone.

Choose a digital camera. If you already have one, you can skip this section. Seriously: any camera you have is good to boot. Later, we’ll see. Just learn some from thes

The artistic part: the rules of composition
2. The technical part: the chamber and its controls

Photography Passion Profession: Everything in photography revolves around light. And your camera has different controls to determine the way in which said the light is collected. Once we have decided the framing of a photo, there are a series of controls that we can use to play with the levels of focus, intensity, color, etc. With which we want each of the elements and planes of our snapshot to appear. What are those controls? In what way and for what purpose can we play with them? If you do not have it completely clear, take a look

To. The diaphragm opening

A. The shutter speed

B. Light measuring modes

C. The balance of targets

D. The ISO sensitivity


Working sector for a photographer:

In the era of purely visual communication, a photographer may have job opportunities in different areas. Below, we name several work areas in which a professional photographer could perform their work:

press correspondent for both print and online media

(local, regional and national newspapers, magazines, websites, and news agencies).

Photographer for publications in specialized spaces.

Photography at private events.

Brand or company photographer.

Professor of photography.

Director of photography


Camera for beginners:

Canon EOS 1300d

Canon EOS 200d

Nikon d5300

Pentax k-s2

Canon EOS 750d

Nikon d3300

Sony alpha 68


Photography Passion Profession
It is a very important purchase decision because thanks to it will determine if what you will have with the photograph will be a relationship of satisfaction and love or rather hate incomprehension and frustration.


How to be a good photographer in six steps

1. Look at Light

2. Learn Your Camera Settings

3. Composition and Form

4. Color

5. Learn Light room

6. Curate a small group of photographers and friends to show your work



Photography Passion Profession: Photography is an art that has a large number of fans and in our country, it has become the favorite activity of many people. More and more people are entering the exciting world of lenses, flashes, and filters. Photography is capable of making anyone who likes to portray their best moments in a photo fall in love. Many of those who dedicate themselves to this activity as a pastime end up turning it into a profession. And you, did you imagine that you can turn your passion for snapshots into something more than fun? Winning your life doing what you like is a great option.


Photography Passion Profession

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