In Photoshop How Can I Make a Square Brush

Photoshop Square Brush – In Photoshop How Can I Make a Square Brush


Photoshop Square Brush – Square brushes are almost as important as any other regular brushes or round brushes that are found in Photoshop. So, it is very important for Photoshop lovers to know how to find or make a Photoshop square brush. In this article, Clipping path house team talked about how you can make square brushes as well as find them easily in the brushes option. Before knowing that let’s see what are square brushes and why you need them.

What Is a Square Brush ?

In Photoshop, a square brush is a brush that is square shaped. That means you can use this brush to draw lines that will eventually look like a long rectangle. Or you can use this brush for making other shapes and drawings too.

There are a set of 24 square brushes in Photoshop. Each of the brushes is arranged and numbered according to their shape. No. 1 is the smallest in size and no. 24 is the biggest one.

Why You Need a Square Brush

There are several reasons for you to use Photoshop square brushes. You can design certain patterns and draw certain arts with a square brush. There are hundreds of thousands of different patterns and designs that you can make using the brushes of Photoshop and square brushes are also included here.

One of the most important uses of a square brush is to draw pixel arts with it. All of us seen how pixel arts looks like and if you notice closely you will see that there are a lot of small square dots that make giant pixel art. So, you can see why the square brush is necessary for you.

How You Can Load Square Brush

You will have the square brush installed when you install Photoshop. But you need to search for it as there will be rounded brush by default. To load square brush you need to follow some steps. I have given the steps below.

Opening a Document

The first step for you is to open a Photoshop document. Because without opening a document how can you choose or select the brush?


Selecting Brush Tool

In this step, you have to find the brush tool option on the Photoshop window. When you find it, click to open the brush tool option from that window.


Opening Canvas

After opening the brush tool option, right click there to open the canvas. In the canvas, you will see there are a lot of different rounded shaped brushes.


Opening The Brush List

In the canvas or the brush selector menu, you will see an arrow on the top right corner. Click on that arrow and a brush list will open up.

Choosing Square Brushes

Hover down below and you will find square brushes in the bottom part of the list. Click the ‘Square Brushes and you are done.


How to Make Square Brush ?

If you want you can make your own square brushes. To do so you need to follow the steps I have given below.

The First thing you have to do is to open a new window of Photoshop.



After opening the window you will find an option for choosing the “Rectangular Marquee Tool”. Take that tool by clicking on that option.



Now you have to make a blank section. By holding shift and dragging the tool you can a blank selection easily.


After you are done making a blank section you have to make it black. To do so, you have to press SHIFT plus DELETE key at the same time. You will see the blank part turning into black.


Now you have to go to edit option. There you will find an option called “Define New Brush Preset”. Click on that option. After clicking you will find your brush in your preset.


This is an alternative way if by any chance you fail to find the square brushes by following the upper given method.


What to Do When You Lose Square Brush ?

It’s not a matter of surprise to lose the option of the square brush in the Photoshop brush list.

It can easily happen by accident. If it happens there is a way you can find them.

As I have said before there is an option for opening brush list by clicking the top arrow on the brush selector menu.

If you don’t find ‘Square Brushes option there, simply click on the ‘Legacy Brushes option.

By doing so, you will find the square brushes that you were looking for.



I have shown you all the ways to find or make a square brush in Adobe Photoshop. You can follow either of the two methods above to find or make square brushes easily without much struggle. I hope this article was helpful to you.

Photoshop Square Brush | How Can I Make a Square Brush

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