How to photo color correction in Photoshop CC | Free Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Today at this Photoshop Tutorial we describe in details that how to make adobe Photoshop color correction to maintain subject design, shape, lighting tone.

  1. Open Photoshop. File> Open


Start by opening the image in Photoshop. For open your image, you can drag the image in Photoshop or from Photoshop go to file>open and select the image.


  1. Select any Image and Open


Select the image you want to change color or adjust the color.


  1. Select A New Path


Take a new path in path panel. To take a new path click “Create new path” from paths panel


  1. Select Pen tool

Select pen tool from tool bar


  1. Clipping Path any area

Create a Clipping Path with the pen tool where you want to change the color.


  1. Clipping Path complete

Complete selection the whole area you want to change the color.


  1. Clipping Path Make Selection

Now select the path. To selecting the path click on path while press “ctrl” key on keyboard.


Go Window and Select Adjustment

Now go to window and select adjustment window. And from adjustment window select any option (Brightness/contrast, Level, Curves, Hue/saturation, color balance, Black & White.


Select any Option (Brightness /contrast, level, curves, hue / saturation, color balance, black & white)

Personally I select Hue/Saturation. As it is the best way to change color.


I select Hue / Saturation

Now change Hue, Saturation and Lightness to change the color.


Now move Hue, saturation and Lightness

And finally you can find the right color you want.


See color change your selected area


Color correction in Photoshop CC

Before and After Result


You may watch this tutorial in details from below video





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