How to retouch Skin spot in Photoshop CC | Free Adobe Photoshop Tutorial


1. Open Image

Start by opening the image in Photoshop. For open your image, you can drag the image in Photoshop or from Photoshop go to file>open and select the image.


2. Duplicate Image

Next Duplicate the image in new layer for apply the photo filter. From layer window drag the image thumbnail to new layer to create duplicate.


3. Invert Layer Image

By selecting new duplicate image in layer panel, Invert the image. For invert Go to image menu and Adjustment>invert.


4. Blend To Vivid Light

Now from blending mode select Vivid Light mode.


5. Now  Filter> Others > High Pass

Now Using the High Pass Filter to Sharpen Images. For use high pass filter, go to Filter>Other>High pass


6. High Pass Radius 20 or Your Choice

Set the high pass to 20 pixels or your choice.



7. Then Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur

Using Gaussian blur to make the image blurry. For Gaussian blur go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian blur



8. Gaussian Blur Radius 4 or  your choice

Set Gaussian blur to 4 pixel or your choice. Basically the amount of pixel depends on image size and quality.


9. Selected  Layer – add layer mask

Add a layer mask on the layer. Layer mask will help me to select the areas where you want to keep blurry part and

Where I don’t.


10. Select Brush  and foreground color White , Brush spot area

Select the foreground color white and brush on the spot area. It will make invisible the spot.


 11. Now see Skin Spot Remove

And finally you can see a nice picture you want.




Before – After Final Result


You may watch this full tutorial in details from this video





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