How to Retouch Jewellery | Free Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

At this free adobe Photoshop tutorial we describe in details that how to retouch jewellery image in Photoshop cc to maintain subject design, shape, lighting tone. Jewellery retouching service is one of the creative service of Photoshop editing and it is most require service for eCommerce business owner.


1. Open Image


2. Select pen tool , new path and clipping path ring area


3. New path and only clipping white diamond


4. Again new path only clipping red diamond


5. Select new path and all 3 path copy and paste path 4


6. Select all single path and single new layer (ctrl+j)


7. Now go to image>adjustment>hue/saturation


8. Select yellow hue 0,saturation -100,lightness 100


9. Select eyedropper and select color,brush spot side


10. Clipping path inside area.section and brush


11. election diamond layer ,and IMAGE .adjustment>match color


12. Select source and diamond png


13. Now select red diamond and image > adjustment> color balance


14. And finally Jewellery retouch complete


You may watch this tutorial in details from below video





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