How to shoot on iPhone

How to shoot on iPhone

How to shoot on iPhone – With the iPhone in our pockets, we have a compelling camera with us. It is perfect and handy to operate. And the picture quality of the iPhone is something that does not need any introduction. Having a DSLR and fancy photography tools with it might seem to be professional, but this little treasure box lying in your pocket is way more exclusive and magical. And finally you will no need to photo editing service before publish your photo at social or anywhere else.

While using a camera, it takes you years to master professional photography techniques, which is time-consuming and takes a lot of energy. But with the iPhone, all you need is a few simple iPhone photography tips.


1.  Keep Your Photographs Simple

How to shoot on iPhone – To take good pictures with your iPhone, you should start by keeping your photographs simple. You better not over-complicate the photos. Because many details may distract the viewers. It may fail as a beautiful composition if you put too many features in it.

It is comparatively easy to create a stable composition when your picture only has one subject. Before you take a picture, move closer, or change your viewpoint. Thus, you can remove unwanted objects from your photo. The minimalist composition is the best for a picture. Your photos are going to be great if you keep the composition simple.


2.  Get Your Angles Right

How to shoot on iPhone – Taking a photo from the chest height is what people often do. Then the reason behind this may be that it seems to be the most convenient way of taking a picture. But there are more creative options out there for taking photos, which may make it look like a photo with a thought out of the box.

An easy way to improve your photos is to shoot from a lower angle. Reasons lying behind it are, It will make your picture look more intriguing. It shows the world from a different perspective. Shooting from a lower angle would make your photo with nothing but a plain background which would remove unwanted distractions from the composition.To have a final low angle shot try for kneeling or lying in the ground if needed.


3.  Use the Light Properly

How to shoot on iPhone – Proper use of light in your composition is one of the essential skills to achieve for iPhone photography. No matter which kind of photos you are going for, the game of light shall always be secure. The light needs to be directional for a good picture. No matter the source of the light is natural or artificial.

Then again, if you must choose between these two I kinds, natural light works the best. If you are up for an indoor shoot, always go for light flowing through a window. It helps you to get directional lights. In the case of outdoors, it is best to shoot during the golden hours.

If possible, then you should avoid harsh and bright sunlight because it causes unflattering shadows. It also makes your subject squint, which may result in a less-than-satisfactory photo.


4.  Reflect The Depth Of Your Photo

How to shoot on iPhone – Especially for landscape photography, there shall be a depth in your photo, which may draw the attention of the viewer. If you convey a sense of depth in your photos, your photos will look better without any doubt. And there can be many ways to create an intensity in your photographs.

Leading lines in your composition can be one of the most potent methods. Roads, railways, the edge of the water make the beautiful leading line. Make a composition where the track leads from the foreground into the distance. It would make your photograph more engaging.

Shooting through a frame draws the viewer’s attention to the scene beyond, which can create a strong feeling of depth in your photograph. Never underestimate the composition of your photo. It is one of the essential vital skills to master if you wish to take a good picture with your iPhone.


5.  Practice Close-up Shots for Details

How to shoot on iPhone – Photographing objects with intricate details is mainly but essential for good photographs. Not-getting close enough to the subject while shooting is one of the biggest mistakes people often make. If you shoot from too far away, you won’t be able to capture the fantastic details of your subject. If you take close-up shots, the patterns, textures, colors bring life to your photographs.

Using the close-up shot is a useful technique for portrait photography as well. Because it lets you capture the facial details and emotions of the subject, which makes your photos more beautiful, you shall keep this in mind that your iPhone won’t be able to focus if the lens is too close to your subject. In that case, you must use an add-on macro lens.


6.  Try Out Silhouette Photos

How to shoot on iPhone – A silhouette is the dark shape of an object taken against bright light. And iPhone gets you to the best versions of it. This is not only very easy to capture but also draws the viewer’s attention fast. To shoot a silhouette, all you need is the right subject and proper use of light.

You must make sure that your silhouette is dark enough and pleasant. With the sun low above the horizon, it’s easy to position the light behind your subject. That is why Golden hours are the best and perfect times for capturing silhouette.


7.  Proper Use Of Shadows In Your Composition

How to shoot on iPhone – Your photography with iPhone reached another level if you start providing shadows in your photos. If you can compose is appropriate, it means you have been genuinely improving your skills. Shadows include a sense of mystery in your pictures. which makes the photograph more interesting than the subject itself.

While shooting, make sure that the shadows appear dark enough by adjusting the exposure. In the camera, at first set, the focus, then swipe down so that the shadows appear lovely and shady. You can even darken shadows in post-processing if required. Shadows can create stunning abstract images.

While photographing shadow, you should keep thinking that what do you want to compose for a continuous basis. You could save both the subject and the shadow in the frame. You could even keep the only shadow. It is the proper composition which is going to make it more unique and stunning.


8.  Be Symmetrical

How to shoot on iPhone – Using symmetry in your photographs is a fun thing, along with creating striking photos. It can come out to be accurate and beautiful if you compose your shot with both halves of the picture accurately or partially identical. Reflections can create perfectly symmetrical photographs. Position the line of symmetry across the center of the frame to create the balance.

Reflections are not the only way to create symmetrical compositions. Architectural and many human-made objects are often designed to be balanced. Composing them properly can also get you tremendously beautiful photos.



iPhone photography is effortless with lots of fun. All you need is some easy tips to know and some preliminary skills to acquire which you already know by now. The most positive thing is about iPhone is it is easy to carry. But it can get you some DSLR quality photographs.

Keep yourself in continuous practice. Try out new compositions. Do not stop experimenting. Keep maintaining the right angle and proper light. Try out every program your iPhone serves you regarding photography. Then you will be able to see the developments in you. Once you start to excel at iPhone photography, you are already at the process of becoming agreat photographer.


How to shoot on iPhone

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