Image Shadow Creation

For product marketing on online or magazine to bring reality like view in an image Photoshop shadow creation service is the only effective service of Adobe Photoshop.

It is possible to get more natural look by using Shadow Creation Service for any images. Normally, a shadow exists when the photograph is taken conversely more frequently however it is not the part of photo. When present a subject in any image, then by creating shadow gives the image more genuine and attractive look.

Shadow Creation services also include work such as- where an image contains an unwanted shadow, and remove the shadow from that image is also a crucial shadow service. For product marketing on online or magazine to bring reality like view in an image Photoshop shadow creation service is being used. By using Photoshop shadow creation the image can be more attractive to its clients.

There are different types of Photoshop shadow creation:

1. Natural Shadow Creation:

Natural shadow, the term suggests gives the image a natural looks by artificial shadow creation. In some product photo, background surface does not reflect in bottom area during the photography. That time, natural shadow is applied to get quality 3D product photo. As a result, products increase lot attractiveness to customers.

2. Drop Shadow Creation:

Photoshop Drop shadow Creation Service is very essential in digital images for authentic and fresh look. Drop shadow, which is created artificially to be always below or under the product. The drop shadow is most commonly used in e-commerce for a more realistic look of products. Image drop shadow can be produced by using Photoshop filters. A false but real-life shadow can be created on the rear side of product at diverse angles and shadow opacity and the glow can be created. It is a cheap service.

3. Create Image Reflection / Mirror Effect:

Reflection is that type of shadow which displays the mirror reflection of the product itself, it also known as mirror effect. It represents the image as if it is located on a mirror/glass surface reflecting all or part of the image. Reflection shadow is added to existing products which background surface plate reflects in bottom part during photography. Example- plastic bottle, glass bottles, medicine products, ceramic products, electronic equipment (such as- ovens, TVs, mobiles, etc).

4. Retain Original Shadow:

Sometimes, products shadow may dim because of background, photo shoot, lighting problem or other issues. As a result, photo looks unrealistic. Then we use our best resources to keep the original shadow of products in images.

Qualitative bulk amount Photoshop image shadow creation service is being done by our in house expert graphic designer in a turnaround time with the expertise.

Our specialization of Photoshop image shadow creation is; we always closely observe source of bending light, harmony between original image and reflection, harmony in size and shape along with image regulation etc. like details.

Save Money

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