Image Masking Service

Photoshop Image Masking Service is one of the alternative services at adobe Photoshop to clip out the subject from image background. But it use only when clipping path service is not sufficient for cut out the subject properly.

In elaboration we can say, doing clipping path of the ball, man, house, car, furniture & jewelry etc. is easier, but when the subject is a Christmas tree with its outspread subtle leaves, here clipping path procedure is time consuming. And also when you need to cut out any fuzzy edged, blurry subject from the image's background especially human hair or any hairy object than Photoshop pen tool is not accurate tool to do that, in this kind of work we use Photoshop Image Masking Service. At this service we select around the hairy aria and apply the image masking service.

Photoshop Clipping Mask Out Service Classification:

According to image's background color, subject color, image resolution clipping path house graphics media apply many kinds of masking service for best result. Like:

1. Photoshop Image Hair Alpha Layer Masking Service
2. Photoshop Erase Masking Service
3. Photoshop Image Channel Mask Out Service
4. Photoshop Transparent Layer Masking Service
5. Knock Out Masking Service

Why Masking is relatively beneficial:

If the image is; a man with his outspread curly hair, here Photoshop Image Clipping Path Service is not the right way to remove the background, also removing the background of curly hair, is time consuming with the pen tool of Photoshop and also doing clipping path of fuzzy and blurry area of curly hair cannot be done. To that extent, to remove the background of curly hair with delicacy our in-house use the Photoshop image layer masking service.

Even also at doing Photoshop ghost mannequin removal service and Image Neck Joint Service some cloth have net or lace aria that need to be clip out from background at this case image erase masking is the only best solution to cut out that area from the background.

For Photography Image Retouching Service beside skin need to change hair part lighting, colour shining for that reason Photoshop Hair Maskout service to transparent background is essential service of Photoshop Retouching Service.

Moreover, according to the requirement of every channel masking client we do alpha layer masking; an extra layer of what in future the masked image can be replaced on any background.

An expert graphic designer requires 24 hours, to remove the background of Christmas tree, but with Photoshop channel masking it can be done in 10 minutes. For this reason image masking service is comparatively affordable.

Why we are the best Image Masking Service Provider in Bangladesh?

As per client's requirements and image's overall condition our in-house expert graphics designers always apply the right masking service for best result. Clipping Path House Graphics Media as a Best Image Editing Company in Bangladesh always refer best quality of Image Editing Service to client's satisfaction. Therefore our organization has managed all those facilities which mean to best quality compliment from the client side:

1. Our Image Masking Service Starting Price only from 0.40 cents
2. 50+ in house expert graphic designers,
3. Professional well experienced quality controller,
4. 3 times quality check for every order,
5. Up to date software

Our starting rate of Photoshop Image Hair Masking Service is $0.40 cents.

How to process Photoshop Image Alpha Layer Masking Service

Adobe Photoshop is very popular & necessary software in image editing work & image masking is another important work for image background removal service. Image masking uses for those images, which has hair, fur, wool etc. Sometimes some of images should have fur & hair, which will not support pen tool clipping path, that's why the Photoshop masking will be very helpful for better result.

Today we are trying to show you how to make Erase masking (Photoshop Erase Masking). There is lots of way to mask out an object from an image like, channel masking, knock out masking, fine edge masking, extract masking etc. But, the most popular & easy way is Photoshop Erase masking.

First of all, you need to open an image in Photoshop via drag & drop or file>open. You can also open by short cut key (Ctrl+0).


Once you click the open you can see below window for open the file in Photoshop. You can also open this by Drag & drop option from your Computer.


After open file in Photoshop you need to make a layer copy from the original background by clicking short cut key (Ctrl + J). We always need to keep the original background for further work & most of time client's wants to see the different between the masking layer & original layer image. You can easily make a duplicate layer by click the short cut key (Ctrl + J).


After make the duplicate layer, you need to select the erase tool from the Photoshop left side of your tool bar. There you can see 3 erase tools from the panel but, you need to select only one Background Erase tool. Rest two tools are for different work. See this window for better understand.


And after selecting this Erase tool you need to configure some of area. You need to fix the "Tolerance" 100% (you will see 100% opacity is the default settings) to 40% - 50% as depends on your image background color. Sometimes, its works fine by the opacity of 25% & sometimes its need to apply 40% - 50%. Lastly you need to select the "Discontiguous" option. See this screen shot.


Now, it's time to apply the erase masking on this image. For making the erase masking, you need to put another color background layer in between two layers. We normal apply the 3rd one layer pure white background.


Select the top layer & smoothly run the left button of your mouse & you can see the bottom white layer, which you make last one white background. If you can see the background is still in there, you need to increase the "Tolerance" opacity 30% - 40 % - 50%. Then apply again & you can see the changes.


You can also check the quality of your work once you hide/skip (Close the eye in background layer) the original background & color background layer. Here is the screen for checking transparent layer.


When you complete the erase the background, you need to put a complete color background to check the masking quality. Here we have put a pure white 255/255/255 background for show you the work quality.


After completing the erase masking, you can save in different version. There is lots of option to save your masking file. Some of clients require PSD with Alpha masking, some of are asking for TIF with only transparent background & some of are asking both Alpha & layer masking with PSD/TIF file format.


You can get an idea from this screen shot. The client's always require layer/PSD/TIF files for further work. They have also some work to do on their images. Sometimes, they need to change the background color & when an image on transparent layer with Alpha or layer mask then client's change the background color whatever they need.


Hope, this tutorial will help you to make good job. Thanks for watching.