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Footwear Product Photography Photo Editing Tips for Profitable Business

No matter how wonderful your shoe is, if the pictures are bad I do not buy it. This is one of the basic premises of online shoppers, who with the passage of time and thanks to the practice obtained, have become knowledgeable experts of the current eCommerce. As we have always told you, in an online store potential customers can not touch what you sell so your purchase decision is based almost exclusively on the photographs of the product. Here we can apply what ” a photograph is worth more than a thousand descriptions of the product .” When it comes to Footwear Product Photography potential customers tend to be even more demanding. In this article we talk about footwear product photography tips and how your product become more professional and give much conversions by taking photo retouching service.

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Why you should Start your Footwear Business with Nice Footwear Photography

How to photo shoot and edit before publish

To start exactly you should do and avoid these

some suggestions for footwear photography


Many of you know firsthand that the fashion world in eCommerce is very close, and even more when we talk about shoes. That is why it is important if your store (or a part of it) is focused on the world of footwear, invest in photographs that show the product with its best attributes. Here are some factors that can improve your shoe photography (and your conversions in store).


Why you should Start your Footwear Business with Nice Footwear Photography:

The more views the better

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Would you buy shoes that you cannot examine from all angles? Probably not, and neither are most buyers. According to ware on footwear market places, the shoes that sell the most are those that have at least three different photographs: side, front, and detail. Many shoes are the same, with the same price and the same characteristics. What sets them apart is the number and quality of the photos. Therefore, we recommend as many photographs of shoes as you can. Yes, here more is better. When buying shoes online are not enough the description found in the store. The user needs (and demands) close-up views of the product (zoom in), see the material and the details that the footwear may have. The quality of your shoe should be able to be transmitted in images.

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Divide and win:

The more pictures the better; we have already said it. But not any photo, you must take into account what they are going to be used for each one of them. If they are for the Home they could be differentiated from the rest of the photos in the store. This difference can be made with a touch of color, with models that wear the shoes on the street or in a studio.

You can also bet on taking pictures of specific shoes for the area of ​​categories, either by colors, seasons, brands or ages. By doing this, we are accompanying user navigation, contributing on each page and each category with relevant photographs, which will influence the page views and the conversion. One way to do it would be to carry out a small campaign with some photos where models are used, these photos can be posted in the Home and moved through social networks. For the rest of the photographs in the catalog, we would use some simple product photos with a white background.

You can personalize:

To get out of the ordinary it is interesting to personalize. In recent years, large companies such as Nike and Adidas have dedicated themselves to making the consumer have what they want: personalized shoes and made by himself in a matter of minutes. Although this would be ideal for all online stores is too expensive. So we will leave it as an option only if you have the money to invest.

Get out of the ordinary:

It is true that there are many proven techniques that generate conversions, but getting out of the ordinary by betting on unique and own styles can also make a difference. You can do things like: create sets where the shoes and accessories of the store match; If your location is very representative you can take the opportunity to take pictures with parts of the local background and run away from the white background.

Use a white background:

Footwear Product Photography

According to Heidi Ware, eBay fashion director when it comes to selling shoes the most important thing is photography, and of these, those that generate more conversions are those made on a white background: ” white is perfect for shoe photography. There are no distractions and it works wonders. ” And it is quite right, the white backgrounds allow you to focus on the user only the product, transmits cleanliness and technically is better because it makes the file weigh less, and thereby load the web faster.



You must know your product:

Both in the offline world and online, to be able to promote a product you must know it. Knowing the qualities and defects of your shoes will let you know what kind of shoe photography you need. For example, if you have rear decoration it will be important to show this part so that you can appreciate the detail well.

To start exactly you should do and avoid these:

These few basic principles will help you create a portfolio of professional-quality shoe images.
You are probably aware of the importance of the images produced in the shopping experience of your customers. Blurry or poorly lit images will scare customers, while with the right focus, the right lighting, and a few other basic elements, your products are presented in their best light.

Avoid: avoid lay shoes flat. There is nothing worse than a pair of soft and lifeless shoes. The image of the heels above does not offer much specific information to the potential customer to help him make his decision, and it certainly does not make the product appealing. Instead of a creamy white, the shoes have a yellowish appearance, and even if they are arranged to give several angles of view, customers will have a hard time imagining.

Avoid: Do not offer enough angles of view. One of the worst mistakes you can make in Product Photography is not to present a product in enough angles. Customers want to see a product in all its aspects before deciding whether to buy it or not.

Avoid: avoid overload the image. In most types of photography produced, overloaded funds are to be avoided. An overloaded background distracts the customer from what is really important (for you and for him): your product. DO: simplify the accessory aspects of the image to focus attention on your product. It can sometimes be used to add elements that characterize your brand, but in general, it is better to photograph each product by itself.

Avoid:  avoid clumsy crops. Poor cropping is one of the easiest mistakes to make in footwear product photography. If some of your products are presented with a different zoom or height, your customers will not fail to notice. They will also notice the differences in lighting, focus, etc.

DO: Photograph the product sideways, from behind, from above, slightly from each side, and all possible variations from these suggestions. As long as the angles are flattering for the product, you win!

DO: Present the shoe in its best light, giving the illusion that it is worn by someone. Here are some good ways to shape the shoe: fill the shoe with newspaper or whatever, and attach dental floss to the laces to elevate them.

Here are some suggestions for footwear product photography:

  • At least one view of the pair a little on the side
  • Two 90 ° views: right and left
  • Two 45 ° views: right and left
  • A view from the front of the product
  • A view from the back of the product
  • A view from above
  • A “detail” seen closely to show texture, material, etc.


Final Verdict:

When we want to make a product known, it is essential to have a good photo. A picture is worth than thousand words. A Nice Footwear product Photography is a must with professionalism and experience, words are not necessary. And in that case, you must choose one who has portable equipment and high-quality skill to perform the sessions in your company, factory or warehouse. You must also concern about footwear product photography in 360º. Whatever, you need to make the photo you want: the perfect photo. Its all. Thanks to these basic principles, you can radically improve the quality of your product images and offer your customers an optimal online shopping experience.


Footwear Product Photography

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