Ghost Mannequin Removal Service

Under image manipulation Ghost mannequin removal service and neck joint service such a process of what from a product image product is being cut out from dummy or mannequin to stretch in a way as if it were the only image of the particular product.

In elaboration it can say that, to understand the size of the garment product, front and back photo shot of clothe dummy or mannequin is being done, and after that for web marketing presentation from the image of that product dummy or mannequin is being cut out and stretching front and back is being done with delicacy. These whole processes is known as image mannequin removal / image neck join / back part join etc.. Our in house expert graphic designers do the image mannequin removal service and the neck join service with expertise and asked on time. .

Mannequin removal service is such a service of Photoshop what is being mostly used now days for web marketing. Service takers of this service are; buying house, manufacturer of garments product and online shop, and great news for the above mentioned business owners, we do the Ghost mannequin removal service, neck joint service with expertise and during the stretching job procedures we always keep active eyes on color match, size match, design match like etc. details as a result the image becomes attractive and realistic after the whole procedures.

To make the image publication enable we do the web optimization service.

Our Ghost Mannequin removal service starting rate is $0.40 cents.