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Clipping Path House Graphics Media is an online outsourcing photo editing service company provide 100% handmade Photoshop image clipping path service, phothshop masking service, photoshop retouching service, photoshop ghost mannequin effects editing service, neck join service and also all kinds of professional image editing service specializing in ecommerce business editing and product photography optimization services with best quality at convenient price.

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Why You Choose Our Service

Photoshop Image Editing Services We Provide Professionally

  • Image Background Removal Service
  • Jewelry Multi Color Clipping Path
  • High End Glamour Retouching
  • Ghost Mannequin Removal - Neck Joint
  • Image Masking Service
  • Image Shadow Creation

100% Perfect Quality using Photoshop Pen Tool by Hand made Image Background Removal – Clipping Path Service - Starting Price only from $0.25 cents …!!!


Cph Graphics Have a Special In-House Jewelry Multi Clipping Path Service Provider Expert Team. We Never Ever Use Client's Image for Business Purpose.


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World Class Best Alpha / Chanel / Erase / Layer Masking Services Starting Price
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We Provide Best - Perfect - Realistic Image Shadow Creation Service For this additional serviceonly $0.10 Cents will be added with main service's price




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200+ In-House highly skilled graphics designers' team

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  • Each Client Wise Personal Data Base Maintain
  • Each Client Wise Personal Dedicated Ftp Account
  • Flat Rate on Bulk Order (Up To 30% Discount)
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  • E-Commerce
  • Online Retailer
  • Photographic Studio
  • Photographer
  • Advertising Agency
  • Wholesaler
  • Manufacturer
  • Printing Agency
  • Graphic Design Agency
  • Web Development Agency
  • And Many More...

Our services


Clipping path
Clipping Path Services is such an effective method in what image cut out to separate one or more subjects from an image is done by Photoshop to replace on the new background. As today's preferred Photoshop best Clipping Path Service Provider Company in Asia. Clipping Path House offer 100% high quality Image Background Removal Services, all kinds of clipping path service and Photoshop multi clipping path for color correction which done by our expert graphic designers to use pen tool in Photoshop. Remember the only way to keep product appropriateness is totally hand-draw. We invite you to check our image clipping path service quality at low price with 24 hours live online support and service.

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Image Masking
Clipping path with subtlety on every kind of image is not possible like fuzzy looking hair or fur area. To that extent to properly remove the background of that kind of fuzzy edged, blurry image, Clipping Path House uses the Photoshop image masking service. We ensure and provide 100% high quality full Photoshop Image Layer Masking, clipping mask and alpha channel masking also. As a non-destructive process service we always perform manually with our expert Designer. At this section for better result depends on image subject and background color we also do erase masking and knock out masking service. To get expected output with our upgrade technique checks our quality and price first submit free trail.

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Image Retouching
Perfect photography is never possible without expensive shooting lance. But even you need professional and perfect image with the worst photo and lighting. Clipping path house as Image Retouching Service Company, today committed to provide Professional Photo Retouching Service for Photographer by what one can make an image attractive by removing the unexpected object from the image. On product shot there can unexpected wound and spot. Our service include ecommerce product photo retouching service, photo touch up, high end glamour retouch, human body shrink / liquefy, jewelry retouching and high quality image compositing of digital image. This all are the section of image manipulation.

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Ghost Mannequin
Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Removal Service Effect and Photoshop Nick Joint Service is importance term for the owner of apparel garment industry, magazine and photographer and as a biggest growing sector of e-commerce industry. Ghost Mannequin Service and Neck Joint Service such a process of what from a product image product is being cut out from dummy or mannequin to stretch in a way as if it were the only image of the particular product. Clipping path house's expert graphic designer's aim at beautifying your fashion mannequin image naturally by color match, size match and design match. We also know ghost mannequin removal service as Photo Manipulation Service.

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Shadow Creation
Graphic Industry has turn into a revolution in the designing industry in a great range in the past recent year, Photoshop Image Shadow Creation is big part of this. For product marketing on online or magazine to bring reality like view in an image Photoshop Shadow Creation Service is being used. By using Photoshop shadow creation the image can be more attractive to its clients. Anyone who would enjoy seeing a reflection shadow, natural shadow, drop shadow or product shadow on their item would be interested in this service and we insure you to give our full dedication for a satisfied and quality experience. Clipping Path House provides world best natural shadow creation service as an additional.

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Web Optimization
In the digital library of e-commerce site need web optimization that especially fond of e-commerce image optimization becomes 50 percent faster and heavy image is familiar at the same time big alarming for slower.

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Image Restoration
Basically, Image Restoration involves transforming or altering a photograph using various methods and techniques that mean Image Manipulation Service to achieve desired results after photo shoot and a little image restoration and manipulating can ensure exposure

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Raster to vector
Our professional graphic designers are able to create Vector Artwork Conversion Service and image pop art that combination of dots of color & image made up by pixels. As a result per inch altogether the whole image is called Raster to Vector Conversion Service.

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Logo Design
We have thousands icons those created business design card as logo design by our expert logo designers use techniques in the shortest time. Logo Design helps you by satisfy in saving your time and money to Branding Design but not hard to experiment

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Web Development
Online Web development and UI Design Service is a popular web design service in our digital laboratory. Our expert web development team can store web framework to convenience whatever our client wishes though it can be difficult to develop.

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What Our Clients Really Say

Some of Our Real Clients

Photoshop service for product display is very much important and necessary for any online business or printed media. Photoshop service for commercial or marketing purposes involves the Clipping Path Service and image masking most of the time. Photo Editing Services are generally done by using graphic software like Photoshop. There are lots of categories of Photoshop service.

We, www.clippingpathhouse.com is the Best Image Editing Service Provider Company in Bangladesh. Before on-boarding as client, you can try us for free. Hit our free trial. For this, we offer Online Outsourcing Picture Editing Services that cover each and every feature of enhancing any image. This includes our main services like- Clipping Path Service, Image Masking Service, Professional Image Retouching Servicefor Photographer and Ghost Mannequin Removal Service etc. Bring your torn, faded or damaged pictures those we will resurrect them for you. We know how to make the best of your images irrespective of their current form. Whatever changes you make to an original image, may be referred to as online outsourcing picture editor. We pride ourselves on adapting our loom to the task on hand, rather than ongoing to apply generic techniques to a photo despite of what it is.

Clipping Path Service

We are number one Clipping Path Service Provider Comapny in Bangladesh. Our expert designers are applied Photoshop Image Cut-Out service technique in combination with the clipping path service to Image Background Removal Service of the photo. Image background removal service is cut off a portion of the image material so that only a portion of the image material is displayed through the shapes you create. For hard edges Clipping Path Technique is used, for the furry or soft edge masking is used.

Image Masking Service

Do you need Photoshop Image Masking Service Provider? We are here for you. Image Masking Service has many types of uses. Some advanced uses are image mask-out, transparent background Service those are main services here. For soft edges of an image like human or doll hair, furry clothes etc need alpha layer masking. In the situation, where cannot be possible to grab more accurate details of soft edges with the clipping path technique alone, Photoshop image masking Service method isolated there.

Photoshop Photo Retouching Service

Our specialized photo lab offers a full track of digital Professional Image Retouching Services for Photographer. Your needs to us to be your "behind-the-scenes employee" on a regular basis, we are always here on the contract and you can rely on us for your Ecommerce Photo Editing Service! Or if you just want to use us for inundated work or special assignments, our experts are ready to handle the job quickly and efficiently Photoshop high & glamour retouch service! All of our work goes to our commitment. So send your photos now for Professional Photography Image Retouching Service

Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effects Editing Service & Neck Joint Service

Our Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effects Editing Service ensures that your product is displayed to excellence using various mannequin models to apply Ghost Mannequin Removal Technique. In view of the best presentation necessary for your product display, we offer a comprehensive range of mannequin services like- Photoshop Neck Joint Service, Apparel Image Back Part Joint Service such as- Create natural effect for the cloth is the main task of Ghost Mannequin Removal Service.

The main services those we provide Clipping Path Service, Image Masking Service, Image Retouching Service and Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effects Editing Service etc initially.

Without those 4 services we have more other services. Each of our trained operative has a particular area of expertise to build on that skills base to ensure they are a master of their craft. Our additional services are Shadow Creation, Image Restoration, Logo Design, Web Optimization, Raster to Vector Image and Web Development etc assured that need tackled by a skilled professional with a level of familiarity unrivalled within the offshore graphic design sector.

Shadow Creation

Photoshop Image Shadow Creation Service is one of the most important Photo Editing Services for product display. There are some products which look unusual & unattractive in their raw, naked, and wild format. In such types of photo, you can improve the quality by image reflection service. Shadow creation is also need for jewelry image reflection service that our expert designers can do well.

Image Web Optimization

Website Image Optimization or Image Web Optimization or Search engine optimization (SEO) is the procedure of making changes to your website so that it will appear higher in search engine results pages. The professional Photoshop image web optimization service that Network Solutions offers will help find your website by searching and rank it high in the search results, where potential customers are more liable to find you. We know that website optimization needs diverge between businesses, and for this we offer different Web Optimization packages that can help you be found in major search engines.

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